Top three regions in terms of web search volume for “hotmail” are Colombia, Venezuela, and Peru separately. There are only two European countries on the list, including Spain and Portugal. Excludes those two European countries, other countries on the list are all in Central and South America in web search volume for “hotmail”.

In Central and South America and few European countries, Hotmail users are much more active than users in other places like North America and Asia. Facebook place No.1 in the list of related terms search, other four are msn, msn hotmaill, hotmail sign and sign in hotmail in top 5 of the list. Facebook jumped into popularity in recent 9 years for its friendly user experience and spirit of innovation that wined hundreds of thousands of fans around the world.

Hotmail is the first web-based email services for users all over the world. It was purchased by Microsoft in 1997 for an estimated $400 million, and rebranded as “MSN Hotmail” after a short time. The official account of Hotmail said farewell to its followers on the social networking site for Microsoft completed the move from Hotmail to the new We have to notice that even it has the extensive popularity in Central and South America, hotmail have been the past tense of leading social technology.